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BSY Yoga

Confidence vs Arrogance

When I thought about what I wanted BSY to become, I realised that it wasn’t about the workout, it was about the experience. I wanted to create a Confidence Club that includes everyone: so let’s talk about exactly what that means. Being confident to me means I feel comfortable in my own skin, and I don’t mean by my appearance, it’s about the feelings I have or the decisions I make. It is also the awareness and understanding that what I…

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International Yoga Day

There could not be a more fitting day to talk about Yoga, than international Yoga Day: yogi’s it is our day. It is the most exciting time in the wellness industry at the moment, so many new studios opening, so much inspiration on Youtube and Instagram, so many more people starting to practice: I wanted to tell you a little about my Yoga journey and hope that it may inspire you to give it a go. I started Yoga when…

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Little Pups Yoga

Teaching Yoga in Schools

I have had a lot of requests recently about teaching children yoga and what it takes to really inspire them: I hope you are ready for a fun-packed tale. Firstly, I truly have to get myself mentally prepared and in the headspace that this is nothing like teaching adults at all, I teach in schools and so its often 30 children and me with only a yoga mat between us. If I went to that school with the same frame…

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