On A High

Yesterday saw the first day that I taught Yoga at Sky Garden restaurant in the city, did I mention it was to 100 people at 6:30am…it was truly such an experience to me that I felt the need to share how I was feeling.

It’s like when you set an alarm before you go to the airport early in the morning, you never sleep well, constantly checking it’s set all through the night, I had the exact same night before Wednesday. My alarm finally went off at 4am, not that it was needed as I was wide awake with both excitement and nerves as I started getting myself ready for the class. I wanted to arrive for around 5:45am, to give me 45 minutes to prepare mentally and physically for the class so a taxi was the only way to get there, plus the irrational fear that I would be stuck underground on a broken down train was too much for me to risk it, totally normal I know.

As I arrived at Sky Garden the sun was only just starting to rise and instantly my nerves went away as it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, London looked so peaceful and still that it truly moved me. I took out my class that I had been preparing for the last few days to refresh my mind and started to really use my prana body to relax me and get my head in the game ready for the session.

As the yogis started to arrive it was so amazing to see how excited everyone was to be so high up in the beautiful space to share this experience with me which only encouraged me to teach the best class I could, and I believe that I did.

A little bit of inside info, both Safia and myself had no idea how to use the microphone (yes I had to wear a microphone a la Challenge Annika) so a huge thank you to the Yogi Emma who turned up and was able to help us.. and help us again when it stopped working THREE minutes before the class was due to start.

Needles to say it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences and I feel so lucky that I have two more dates to teach there. My final date still has a few tickets left, so come along and try it…

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