Motivation is a process…

So here is my place that I get to write what I feel, try to inspire people in some way, but I’m going to be so honest here, the last two weeks I lost my motivation. I had zero, which has actually never happened to me before and I thought if I write it down here, I will hopefully never let it happen again. Being such a positive person and energetic in a job that requires a lot of energy I guess lends itself to falling out of motivation from time to time but for me, it didn’t sit well at all.

The worst part about this was sitting and spending time scrolling through Instagram and looking at how much other people were doing, which would normally fire me up, but it didn’t even inspire me. I just thought nothing I could do this week could even match that, and I put my phone down. It’s so hard to be this honest about this as it is never something I have really experienced, but then by the end of last week I chatted to a few people, who then said that they have ALL felt that way. Nonetheless, nobody talks about it… so here I am being honest and hoping that if even one person felt demotivated and then gave themselves a lot of hassle over it, that they know that it is the norm and that we all go through it.

Then I thought, ok I will listen to some motivational speakers, I adore Tony Robbins and his podcast and even that didn’t work. It was only at this point that I potentially realised that I was in a slightly darker place than just a lack of motivation. I actually spoke to one of my incredible friends Jules Von Hep who spent about 20 minutes telling me that perhaps I needed to mind map. Boom. That was it, that was my answer. The process is incredibly simple but so effective. Essentially all you need to do is put your name or perhaps your business in the center of the page, with branches off it with different categories and then just literally let the creative juices start flowing, don’t think about where you go, and if you are anything like me you will not be able to stop writing. Then walk away perhaps for an hour and come back to it to look at what you wrote, you will feel so blown away by what you have written that it will instantly change your mindset and get your mojo back.

What also helped me was changing up my vision board. There will be a whole other post (and video) on this soon, as I am a huge fan of visualisation. I realised that I had kind of become accustomed to the images on there, so I started from scratch and gave myself a new take on my goals and ideas.

Finally, I sorted my sleeping out. I have a pretty good routine but I got even more strict with my social media and turned the screen brightness right down as soon as I plugged my phone in to charge turned it upside down and forgot about it. Also when my alarm went off there were absolutely no social media until I was officially woken up, for me that is after food. I wake up so hungry so that is the first thing I need to do.

From these small and really simple steps my motivation has changed, my mindset has shifted and I feel like the person I know I am. We all have those weeks and they are ok to have, but make sure you address them rather than let them take over. Talking to my lovely friend really helped oh and let’s not pretend I didn’t eat loads of chocolate too, food always helps.

Let me know what you do to keep yourself motivated, as genuinely I am always trying to learn and it is so important when self-employed.











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