Little Pups

Since launching Little Pups in September there is already so much to talk about. I have always wanted to take the stigma out of Yoga and show that Yoga really is for everyone, these children have reaffirmed it to me: it is by far my favourite day of the week.

I am lucky enough to have teamed up with Thames Teachers, who provide teachers to schools to launch Teach Fit. We are offering schools the chance to take part in half term blocks in age groups of 4-6, 7-9 and 10-11 years. The 7-9 year olds were last half term and by the end they were absolutely loving the postures: a few crowd pleasers are Tree, Eagle and Warrior 3 (just for future reference) But what astonished me the most was how much they remembered week after week and what they wanted to be in the classes. If I didn’t put something in that they wanted, believe me they would tell me.



There is something so amazing about seeing how calm they all are at the end. They rush into the hall, fling shoes, bags, bodies all over and then finally we start just with our hands on our knees, closing our eyes for a few breaths together. As soon as we finish that they are completely focussed. It is my personal mission to roll out Yoga into schools across the country: anyone who says it is not beneficial to children has not been in a room with them when they are taking part. Some of my favourite quotes, and infact words to live by are: “Yoga is Sick,” and “do you need to be an alien who stands on their head to do Yoga”




If you are a Yoga Teacher or a School Teacher who is interested in this project then please do get in touch, there is so much more to come!





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