International Yoga Day

There could not be a more fitting day to talk about Yoga, than international Yoga Day: yogi’s it is our day. It is the most exciting time in the wellness industry at the moment, so many new studios opening, so much inspiration on Youtube and Instagram, so many more people starting to practice: I wanted to tell you a little about my Yoga journey and hope that it may inspire you to give it a go.

I started Yoga when I was 23, (10 years ago. ugh) after shoulder surgery where I was left with extensive tendon damage in my left arm. I was officially the worst person in every single class for around 6 months. I had no strength, I could not hold downdog for more than half a second let alone a chattarganga, yet I kept on going back, I kept on turning up and trying. I found that I started to leave my yoga sessions feeling so different from when I went in, I was still in physical pain but I seemed a lot more mentally and emotionally relaxed. That was where the addiction to Yoga began for me, it was surreal feeling after Yoga, I dubbed it my Yoga High.

After six months of physio, and doctors advice I ventured off on my little Yoga journey, within three months my shoulder and arm were so much stronger, I still to this day put it down to Yoga, it healed me. There are certain things now that I will never be able to do due to the nature of this surgery and permanent scars and damage but it’s not so much the physical side that matters to me, it is about the journey I go on during my practice and how it makes me feel, it’s the vibe.


I cannot try to tell people how life changing Yoga can be for your mind, body, and soul. If I feel anxious or overwhelmed I get on my mat. If I feel tired or bloated, I get on my mat. If I feel energetic and ready to sweat, I get on my mat. There is a style of Yoga for every mood which should be reflected by listening to your body and mind each day. I love the idea of planning my workouts and my weeks, and I really do try to, however, I also like to listen to my body and judge what my body needs each morning. I cannot stress how important it is to try to tune in to how your body feels, those yawns or aches and pains are your body’s way of communicating with you and you need to listen. Once you develop more of an understanding of what you need, rather than what you think you need, that is when the magic starts to happen.


I ask that if you are new to Yoga, and you think you are not “good” enough to do Yoga: THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Please do not be intimidated by Yoga, its just moving your body and breathing: it’s so simple. There are a lot of inspirational photos that you will see on Instagram, but please note that being upside down on your head then perhaps balancing someone on your feet, whilst amazing, is not necessarily Yoga… trust me, give it a go, it will change your life.

Happy International Yoga Day to all you new and old yogis…..You are all amazing humans.
















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