So there we were, setting up for our first Hip Hop Yoga session at Netil360, the stunning rooftop bar in Hackney and I have to admit, I was nervous. Not only did we just climb 6 flights of stairs with 30 yoga mats, drinks and snacks (!) but the wind up there was pretty wild.. So far logistics were not on my side.

Teaching in a new place is always hard as you never know what to expect, and what to look out for, especially as you want the student to arrive and the lessons be seamless. To add to this unfamiliarity we had our lovely photographer there taking photos throughout and filming, and let me tell you photos of yoga poses taken at the wrong angle are not flattering at all!

However, Leon managed to capture some truly special moments that I can look back on and cringe, sorry treasure. We hope you enjoy this 30 second clip of the class and you want to come and join us. The rooftop sessions will of course only be happening in the summer so there are not many left, don’t miss out!

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