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I founded Pop Up Practice with a vision to take the stigma out of Yoga and bring creativity into my classes. One of the most common barriers to people practicing Yoga is that they think they are not flexible enough, when this is just nothing to do with it. I pride myself on teaching safely, with a huge focus on alignment over ego and building confidence.

I aim to work with clients on a deeper level than just attending a class which gives me understanding about how their anatomy works. There is nothing more powerful than finding the freedom in the movement of Yoga and seeing how much you can achieve with dedication and practice. The classes are fun and full of energy, I never want you to push yourself so that you are holding your breathe and panicking about what the person on the next mat thinks. Life is too short for all that, just turn up on your mat and have fun. Poses are not made to be static, have you ever seen a dancer who doesn’t move? No, I didn’t think so, so why would we panic about moving in dancers pose?!

It is this drive and dream to inspire that I created Little Pups: Yoga for Children. After training at Triyoga to teach children I had even more desire to inspire the next generation, after all they will have all the power one day. I am teaching in schools and working with small groups on a weekly basis.


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    BSY is a 60 minute HIIT and Yoga class. This has been curated to raise your endorphins through HIIT, pushing you to your max, while lowering your cortisol levels with Yoga enabling you to have the optimal after burn.…