Burn Strength Yoga is a one hour experience that has been designed to change the way you work out. Curated by Personal Trainer Alice Rickard and Yoga Instructor Kirsty Raynor, BSY enables you to incorporate cardio, strength and yoga into one session. Additionally, they believe that combining these training styles together has increased health benefits.

Burn and Strength will raise your heart rate and endorphins to get the ultimate calorie burn and feel good factor, whilst the yoga section with manage your cortisol levels to ensure you receive the most optimal after burn and leave you feeling elated and focused, rather than stressed and exhausted.

These classes will allow you to increase full body strength and at the same time will manage your flexibility and mobility, thus preventing you from injury. Perhaps more importantly than anything, the classes are packed with energy and fun. Clients have burnt up to 750 calories per session, leaving them coming back week after week. The most important thing in our life is our health and BSY puts that before anything else.