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The one question that I am often faced with by men is “How am I supposed to do Yoga if I am not flexible.” Men, yoga is not about how flexible you are now, it’s about how mobile we can make you, the understanding of your anatomy and how your body can move.

The beauty of BSY is that it is an introduction into the “scary” world of Yoga, that is not intimidating and is built around giving your body exactly what is needs after the Burn and Strength section. Here is what the Boys of BSY have to say about their experiences so far:

Mark @j4mrock

“After struggling with what I thought was a shoulder injury for several months I had a (very painful) sports massage which brought tremendous relief. The reason I sought a massage, rather than physio/GP is because after attending a Burn Strength Yoga (BSY) class the previous week I noticed that my shoulder presented less pain, not more. In fact I was still free of pain in my shoulder the next day but it soon returned. I wondered if the pain was caused by tightness in surrounding areas, hence the sports massage which proved my suspicion was correct – years of lifting and almost daily HIIT and left me more full of knots than a three hundred year old tree! Clearly I, and likely every other wannabe street-athlete, needs a lot more stretching and mobility in their life. 

Back to BSY then, like many others I assumed there was no time in my schedule for yoga but probably also thought that I would just be too inexperienced to take on a yoga class. I was sold though on the idea of an Alice-led Strength session followed by some flowing mobility work with Kirsty and the class more than met my expectations, it blew them away. It has actually changed, fundamentally, my goals around fitness. The class is not easy…25 minutes of Alice-beasting in a 30-degree hot yoga room? Be prepared to sweat more than you thought possible! Just when you can’t take any more burpees (or kettle bell swings!) in the inferno, it is time to get your stretch on. Good news for the highly immobile like me, this is very simple, flowing yoga that is designed to make you flexible, not assume that you already are. Ideally, at at minimum I would have this in my schedule twice a week and, as I chase some Olympic lifting goals, I see this as fundamental to achieving the mobility and range of mouton required.”


Luke @lukejedwards

Great as a standalone workout or as an addition to your existing training routine. Improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility all with this one class.

The HIIT with Alice is predominantly body weight but equipment can and will be incorporated. Expect a combination of tabata style circuits and AMRAPS which are designed to torch fat and build lean muscle. Everything is scalable and you work at your own pace to get the most out of the session. Alice is very attentive and encourages you to push that little bit harder.

Yoga is one of those things that I think a lot of people, men in particular, have thought about trying but have been too scared to go to a class or perhaps have tried and enjoyed it but struggle to find the time to fit it in to their schedule. I know I have experienced both of these things!

Kirsty’s flows are dynamic and relatively fast paced so keep you moving throughout and avoid the dreaded ‘boredom’ that a lot of people tend to associate with yoga. Since practicing yoga my flexibility and mobility have increased dramatically which has really helped in other areas of my training.



50 minutes of cardio and yoga – easy!” or so I thought…BSY was a genuine challenge, and confidently I can say I have never sweated as much doing anything! Alice and Kirsty have developed a really great class, that challenges your body, focusses your mind and will leave you wincing with that oddly enjoyable muscle fatigue for days afterwards. Definitely put down the weights and head over, guy or girl, this class is awesome! I can’t wait to do it again!


Jamie – just because he loves crossfit – oh and also BSY!


From what started as a small concept idea in a coffee shop, to the brand BSY being created, classes with regulars and a genuine interest from both men and women about what BSY can do for both their body and mind is still something I cannot get over. We are so grateful for all the support so far and have some big plans for 2018 coming your way…



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