A Juice A Day

I already know what you are thinking, another blog post about juices, another Yogi stood with a green juice in hand and a Yoga Mat hung over her shoulder: but honestly I cannot stress the importance of juicing every day.

First and foremost the scientific benefits of juicing should be enough to interest you. Juicing is known to strengthen your immune system by providing you with the required doses of vitamins and minerals that work with your body and fill it with antioxidants. Every time I drink a juice I feel instantly revived and filled with energy, and this is due to the natural glucose and nutrients within each individual juice.

It’s the creativity that I also love and the amazing flavours that you can create. I know that everyone has juice recipes out there but here are three that are a little bit different and work well for me, who knows, they become one of your favourite juices too:

Juice 1:

½ Pineapple

1 x handful of Spinach

1 x cup of Basil

2 x tsp Balsamic Vinegar

Pinch of Black Pepper

Juice 2:

2 x Beetroot

1 x Red apple

½ x Green apple

3 x Strawberry

½ Lime

Juice 3:

½ Red grapefruit

1 x stick of Celery

2 x Carrots

1 tsp of Agave

Pinch of Cardamom

It is important to do what feels right for your body, some people find having too much juice too acidic for their stomachs, where are others are filled with energy. If I have one piece of advice, it’s that I would not use a juice to replace a meal, personally, I feel like my daily juice is something that is a snack, not a meal. Just remember that this is a fun way to mix up your flavours, rather than eating a bowl full of vegetables and fruits…

I hope you enjoy these recipes, please do let me know if you have some variations or better ideas J



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    22nd November 2017 at 1:12 am

    Greetingѕ! Very helpful advice within this pоst!
    It is the littlе changes which will maкe the most important changes.
    Thanks for sharіng!

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