Our main practice is Vinyasa yoga, yet we offer a modern and exciting twist on our classes. Keep an eye out for Sculpting Yoga with weights or why not try out our latest trend of Hip Hop Yoga that is taking London by storm. If that all seems far too energetic for you how about a Yoga class by candlelight, or even one step further with a Flow class in the dark. We also host private boutique classes where we take the time to get to know our client and elevate their practice. We want to give everyone the chance to experience Pop Up Practice so we plan events all over London not just in one place. Look out for information on our next event coming soon, get ready to practice yoga in some of the most unlikely places all over the city.

Favourite music:
It goes without saying Beyonce is my idol. I also love DJ’s like Carl Cox and of course Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith: the male divas

Dream Holiday:
The Maldives and Peru – not necessarily in that order

Typical weekend:
Let’s be honest, I love wine and brunch, which is lucky as they go very well hand in hand. I will also be found in some sort of inversion and ideally shopping around London too. Balance is the key (that’s my excuse anyway)

When did you discover yoga:
I had an invasive shoulder operation where I suffered extreme tendon damage leading to nine months of physio. I needed to build strength and movement, and yoga was recommended to me. In my first class I couldn’t hold downward facing dog for more than two seconds without shooting pains travelling up my arm. Its now one of my favourite asanas and yoga has healed everything from my operation. I am eternally grateful for this and now dedicate time everyday to my practice.

Favourite Food:
I want to say something like kale, but its cake. I have had to curb this and I am now a lover of raw vegan cake. Look out for delicious recipes on our blog.

Your dream:
 To provide yoga classes that include everyone and make them feel confident. I want to create a practice that is beneficial but fun… everyone is welcome!

What would Beyonce do?



Here we go! Power is a fast paced flow class focusing on flexibility, strength and stamina. We will put through your paces but we assure you, you will leave feeling like you have earned that Saturday night cocktail.


We have designed this class to beautifully flow through a gentle sequence of asanas linking movement with breath. You will feel your strength and flexibility put to the test while your mind realeases into relaxation


Our most modern type of class, guaranteed to leave you on a high! We practice a strong flow sequence to loud Hip Hop music which is both challenging & fast paced. The merging of asanas from the East and music from the West is truly unique.


All mums to be deserve the time to relax and rest their bodies. Our special six week courses have been designed to aid with back ache, hip opening, breathing and meditation all in preparation for labour.


This class incorporates the use of weights while flowing through asanas, increasing both strength and flexibility while sculpting and toning your body, using motivational music.

YOGA 108

The Buddhists believe that we have 108 feelings and the story goes that Bodhisattva Mahamati asked the Buddha 108 questions. To celebrate this on the 1st of every month we will have a group pop up class by candlelight, in silence, practicing 108 sun salutations as one.

We believe that you should be able to get your yoga practice in no matter how busy your schedule. For some of you, this might mean getting your fix in your lunch break, for others it means the change to practice somewhere new.



Pop up Practice are dedicated to ensuring that your Yoga experience is unique and tailored and there is no better way to enjoy this than with a series of private sessions. Whether you are new to Yoga or have been practicing for years, everyone can benefit from that one to one experience and personal development.

We recommend a programme of either five, ten, twenty or thirty sessions to really optimise your experience and develop both your mind and body.

Finding the time to keep your employees happy as well as motivated can be tricky in the fast paced world today. We offer lunch hour corporate yoga sessions to give everyone time to breathe and reboot. The sessions are designed in series of six to give the employees an understanding of vinyasa yoga as well as building up their confidence to have fun with the poses. They can be either 45 or 60 minute sessions to give your employees time to Yoga, eat and be back at their desks ready for the afternoon.

“I have never felt more elated after a class in my life. I can’t believe that something so simple as changing up the music could make everyone feel so fearless and alive. I also never thought I would rap on my yoga mat.”